By Jonathan Milstein

The Kinship Care Solutions Project helps children who can no longer live safely with their parents find a secure and supportive home in the custody of relatives or unrelated caregivers with whom they have a strong and established relationship. A pro bono program established by Washington State’s King County Bar Association, the project offers free legal assistance for those seeking third-party (or nonparental) custody of a child or children. It serves individuals with economic challenges who are residents of King County or whose cases are subject to the jurisdiction of the King County Superior Court. 

Before taking a case, the Kinship Care Solutions Project considers the following important factors: whether the parents represent a genuine risk to the child’s well-being; how long (if at all) a child has resided with a nonparental caregiver and whether the caregiver offers a safe and reliable environment; and whether the caregiver cannot easily find a volunteer attorney elsewhere and would have difficulty bringing a custody case without legal representation. The project does not offer assistance in adoption cases, in dependency cases (unless the parents and foster caregiver have agreed to a custodial arrangement), or to parents in general.

About the Author:
Jonathan Milstein is an attorney and owner of Puget Sound Professional Legal Services. Mr. Milstein regularly volunteers with the Kinship Care Solutions Project. 

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