Jonathan Milstein

From its headquarters in Seattle, EarthCorps supports a range of programs that help bolster the regional community through comprehensive environmental service. The nonprofit’s origins stretch back to 1993, when returning Peace Corps volunteer Dwight Wilson undertook efforts to apply the fundamental mission of the Peace Corps to environmental projects in the Cascade mountain range from Vancouver, Washington to Vancouver, British Columbia. Mr. Wilson’s organization was initially known as Cascadia Quest.

In 1995, Cascadia Quest began partnering with a variety of government agencies, businesses and community associations throughout the greater Seattle region. To reflect this expanded involvement, the organization took on the additional name of King County World Conservation Corps. To simplify matters, the pithy name EarthCorps was adopted in 1999, conveying the group’s firm commitment to environmental service and global understanding. Today, the organization supports dozens of staff members and a regional volunteer base that numbers in the tens of thousands.

About the Author: Jonathan Milstein is a Kirkland, Washington lawyer who previously served as an Assistant Attorney General in the Washington State Attorney General's Office. Outside of the office, he has a long history of involvement with a variety of charities and community outreach groups.

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