A non-profit founded seven decades ago, the Kindering Center furnishes educational services to children with disabilities, medical challenges, and vulnerabilities stemming from a history of abuse. As the largest early intervention institution in the state of Washington, and among the largest in the United States, the Kindering Center offers a comprehensive range of services that sets it apart from similar organizations. Those services focus on promoting the development of children through special education methodologies. Importantly, the Kindering Center believes the first three years of a child’s life offer significant possibilities for development, hence its commitment to early intervention. 

For those who would like to get involved with the Kindering Center, several volunteer opportunities await. Volunteers help by working as delivery drivers, providing bilingual classroom support, assisting in the office, maintaining facilities, and serving on governing bodies like the Auction Planning Committee. The Kindering Center volunteers include individuals as well as families and corporations. Companies like Microsoft, Boeing, and Telephone Pioneers have contributed the time and energy of their employees to the Kindering Center projects like repairing equipment and landscaping. For individuals, commitments often times require a few hours a week. 

Learn more about the Kindering Center volunteer positions at Kindering.org or by calling its Development Department at (425)-653-4294.

A former Kindering Center volunteer, Attorney Jonathan Milstein currently represents clients through Puget Sound Professional Legal Services.

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