Jonathan Milstein, attorney, is the founder of Puget Sound Professional Legal Services, a firm focused on family law, including adoption law.

Many families dream of adopting a child, and many foster children dream of being adopted. While this may be true, there are also many perpetual myths. Some people believe that adopters must be wealthy homeowners to qualify. The truth is, adopting from U.S. foster care is usually free, and high income, home ownership, and existing children are not required.

Another common myth is that sibling relationships among foster children are unimportant. In reality, siblings in the foster care system are often very strongly bonded. Placing the children together is usually the best option for the children, as it helps keep things similar and prevents them from experiencing yet another loss.

Families who are considering adopting are strongly recommended to research the topic thoroughly. The adoption process is long, often taking about a year from initial outreach to child placement. By planning ahead, remaining patient, and being prepared, families can make the most of the adoption process and be ready to bring a new child into their lives.

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